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918KISS is an Online Casino that found in the early year of 2018. Till now, it still is considering the new Online Casino in Malaysia. Although it has a few months old, there are some of the people have not the idea of this Casino. Here, we would like to speak more about this Online Casino in Malaysia.

The Casino is originally from the SCR888 Casino, which is the previous Famous Online Casino in Malaysia. But now, they renovate it to the all-new Online Casino. To make it freshes, the Casino’s logo and the theme of the Casino has changed. However, all of the casino games in the new Casino, it is remaining and increasing the number of new games.

If you keep the old SCR888 login account, it can be “recycle”. In other words, you get to use the SCR888 login account and enter the new Online Casino for the gambling. As both of them are operated by the same Company. Try with the new Casino now, that’s not more about the SCR888 any more.

Downloading Casino APP…

Since it is an all-new Online Casino, some of you may not sure how to download it. However, it is easier than your imagination. To download the new Online Casino, you can follow the way of how you download the SCR888 Casino app previously. You just have to go to the tm.918kiss-kiosks.com and start to download their casino app for free. Either you can download the Android APK or the iOS for the installation. It is depending on your devices.

If you are using the Android device, like the Samsung, Vivo or others. You can download the Android APK and install on your Android device. Yet, you can download it into your Android Tablet as well, if you need the larger screen for the gambling.

Next, if you are using the iPhone or the iPad, you have to download the iOS file for the installation. However, for the iOS installation, you need more steps to complete the installation. It is all about the Apple Inc. policy. In the end, once you finish the steps, you can play the casino games safety with your iOS devices.

Never Forget to Register an Account!!

Although you have the Casino APP on your device. But you don’t have to account to log into the Casino APP, and you can’t play any games here. To provide the fast and better services, we are providing the Free Registration here. By clicking the LiveChat at below, it leads you to the Customer Service Team for the free registration. They are nice and friendly to all of the people. If you find any issues regarding the Team, you are welcome to leave the comment here.

Nevertheless, after the registration, of cause you have to make the deposit for the game credits exchange. This is common sense, and everyone knows about this. So, skip this part. Besides that, we are offering a lot of the valuable Casino Bonuses to the player who makes the deposit. If you make the deposit without the Casino Bonus redemption, then you are “lugi”. As the Casino Bonus is the FREE CREDIT that gives to their players. So, you can have more game credits and bet into the casino games. Like this would be more funs.

Enjoy the Online Casino Games with 918KISS

Now, that’s about 100 million of the people are enjoying the 918KISS Casino Games. As they are offering the most valuable benefit to all of their players. And there are many people know about it. Did you know what’s the benefit the Casino offers? If you have not sure about it, you are welcome to read more articles from our blog. Good Luck to you and Win Big!

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