Cheating in Roulette Casino Games Legally

Cheating in Roulette Casino Games Legally


Roulette cheating would mean that you are using unlawful ways to win your roulette bets. This is definitely one of the offence that may land you in prison. Given the seriousness of this offence, it doesn’t prevent some minority of casino players from using different technique to cheat in roulette.
However, there are still many legal ways to for roulette cheating. These ways would also be impossible for the casino and police officer to detect and charge you for cheating. I am using the term ‘legal’ and it basically mean aren’t specifically illegal. But the casino would ban you if you are caught using these techniques.

Legal vs. Illegal Cheating

 In all casinos, cheating is defined as the method whereby a casino player alters or influence the outcome of the game. For instance, some may use the magnets to influence the winning number and this is clearly a form of cheating.
On the other hand, some may use the technology to predict the winning number. By using this method, they are not influencing where the ball will land in the roulette wheel. Therefore, this isn’t considered as cheating. Of course, this would also depend on how the casino specify ‘cheating’. With the use of some digital device, you can’t influence the winning number and can’t merely predict it as well. These devices are considered as legal in roulette betting.
If it is legal, does it mean that the casino will allow you to use them? Certainly not. This is because all casino would be a private property and they would have their own set of in-house rules. Therefore, they have the rights to ask you to leave for whatever reason they want.
It would be an exception when the casino is owned and run by the government. Therefore, the casino is forbidden from turning away anyone unless it is does for a good legal reason. While you are betting in such casino, you can’t be banned for using equipment such as the roulette computer that merely predicts the spin outcomes. As a result, you can’t be charged for criminal offence as well.
This may sound a little too good to be true for you. However, you must bear in mind that no casino will ever tolerate a consistent winner. There was a case a few decades ago where there is a professional player was winning hundreds of thousands all legally in the game of roulette. As a result, the casino tried many ways to make him lose such as speeding up the spins, tried moving the wheels and more. The casino tried in vain but in the end, they had to physically eject him from the casino.
The player took the case to court and surprisingly he managed to win the case. In the end, the casino had no choice but to allow him to play. Eventually, they found out his winning strategy and made his technique to be difficult to apply. The player had no choice but to take his bets elsewhere. As time passed, his name became widespread and he find it increasingly difficult to win without heat from the casino staff.
This is the perfect example to point out that the casino will do whatever they had to do to stop you from winning. They can’t make a profit unless most of the players lose. The last thing they want would be to allow some loose cannon player to win huge sum of money in their premises.

Illegal Method in Roulette Cheating

Wheel Gaffing

 The wheel gaffing technique is basically modifying the roulette wheel to make the spins somewhat more predictable. This method is illegal in all casino except on the cruise casino ships where you will be in international water and no gaming laws would apply.
The wheel gaffing would include loosening the part of the wheel so that the roulette ball bounces less in specific areas. This would lead to ‘deadening’ of bounce and it would cause wheel bias. This will also lead to a specific number to spin more than the others. Usually, the casino automated software would detect this bias and that is only after thousands of spins. If you know where this deadened area is, you can easily take advantage of it before the casino knows.

Magnetic Balls

In some cases, the magnetic ball is somehow swapped with the real roulette ball. However, this is a very rare incident. As a result, the behavior of the ball can be influenced with the magnetic pulses. While carrying out this method, they won’t be using an actual magnet, or else it would stick to the ordinary metallic objects. As a substitute, they would be using a special coil diodes.
Whenever the ball fell onto the rotor, the user would then observe where they would expect it to land. When the ball is expected not to land in the area of their bet, they would activate the two-part method. The first part would involve using the magnetic induction to create an electric current in the ball’s coil. The other part would involve pushing the ball away from the wrong area where the player didn’t bet in. They would carry out this method quickly so that it would not be noticeable with the casino’s electronic systems.
There are also many other methods whereby it involves the placement of betting chips. This method would require you to place bets discretely after the ball has actually landed.

Legal Cheating Methods

These methods would be legal in some casino while it is illegal in others.

Roulette Computers

As mentioned previously, these devices are predictive devices. They do not influence the winning number but is used merely to predict the outcome of the result.

Wheel Clocking

The wheel clocking would bring about some different meaning. It is not exclusively used for taking timing of the wheel and ball. Some of these methods would involve using electronic devices to store data that would otherwise be too difficult to manage without electronic devices. Most casinos made a point where they disallow the use of electronic devices for storing and projecting the game outcome in their casino.

Roulette Cheating in Online Casino

If you are betting in online roulette, there is a high chance that you are betting in RNG (random number generator) roulette. This is actually not a real roulette but a slot game with computer animation of a roulette wheel. There is no way to beat the online slot machine because you are not able to interfere with the mechanical operation of the machine.
When you have no access to the wheel, your option will be much fewer. However, you can still opt to use the roulette computer. This can only be done for live roulette game where they allow late betting. However, most live streaming in online casino would call no more bets much earlier. Therefore, roulette betting is much harder when you are betting in the online casino but it is not impossible.


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