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Download SCR888 on Android and iOS

Do you really know how to download SCR888? We all know SCR888 is considered the top-notch mobile slot games in Malaysia. Millions of slot game players have been crazy about this game. But, not many know how to download SCR888 on their smartphones properly.

It’s not really that difficult to download SCR888 on your mobile devices. Just follow our simple download guide below before you can start playing SCR888. Or, you may also refer to SCR888 Download for more details.

Download SCR888 APK on Android Phones

Step 1: Open Google Chrome or whatever browser you have in smartphones. Enter link:, then click “Go”

Download SCR888 Android APK Guide 1

Step 2: Click the button “Android V4.0” in green colour

Download SCR888 Android APK Guide 2

Step 3: When you see “This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep SCR888_CasinoGameV4.0.apk anyway?”, click “OK”. It literally means no harm to your smartphones.

Download SCR888 Android APK Guide 3

Step 4: Check out the download progress from your notification bar. It should be underway by now as per image below:

Download SCR888 Android APK Guide 4

Step 5: You shall see there is a notification message saying that such download has been completed. Click on that message.


Step 6: It’s now asking your permission to install an update to the existing application. Don’t worry, just click “Install”.

 Download SCR888 Android APK Guide 6

Step 7: On next, you shall see SCR888 Casino application is being installed to your Android phone.

Download SCR888 Android APK Guide 7

Step 8: Great job! The application is now fully installed on your smartphone. Hooray! Click “Open” if you wanna launch SCR888 right away.

Download SCR888 Android APK Guide 8

Step 9: For first time login, the software itself would start dispatching load of files before you can even see the login page. It only takes seconds to complete.

Download SCR888 Android APK Guide 9

Step 10: Guess what? You may now start playing SCR888 games on your Android mobile device!

 Download SCR888 Android APK Guide 10

Don’t have SCR888 game ID? Don’t worry. It’s very simple to get free SCR888 game ID for test play from SCR888 Official Malaysia. Sign up an account now to explore the games!


Free Guide to Download SCR888
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