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Hack MEGA888 – Is That Even Possible?

Hack MEGA888 in 2021 – Possible?

To hack MEGA888, this has been one of the hottest topics amongst all online casino players since long time ago.

Having said that, did anyone really look into this to explore the possibility?

As a professional online casino gambler, I would say it’s possible to do that. Just that it’s extremely hard. You need to overcome a lot of challenges.

There was once a MEGA888 Guru – Joseph Phua who really beat MEGA888 Malaysia. He even took down SCR888 and 918KISS prior to that. How the hell did he do that?

It requires talents and hard works to complete this task. If you are able to persist and work hard on hacking MEGA888, you might be successful one day!

Meanwhile, there are also some useful tips that might help you overcome those challenges along the way. Without further ado, let’s have a look at some theories that might help us to hack MEGA888.

Use MEGA888 Hacking Device to Alter Online Betting System

I bet you have seen many people selling devices on the internet, claiming that you can actually use those devices to hack MEGA888.

People are highly skeptical towards this kind of stuff. There are just too many scammers in Malaysia nowadays. People do not want to pay for something that is not reliable.

Know what? Some of the hacking devices are actually working. There is one particular hacking device – Ghost Rolex Malaysia II, will be able to hack MEGA888.

Ghost Rolex Malaysia II is actually designed by Joseph Phua in the year of 2017, with the purpose to penetrate into MEGA888 headquarter system and to alter its winning payout.

Although its product name contains the word “Rolex”, it has nothing to do with one of the most prestigious watch brand in the world. It’s just a product name after all.

Ghost Rolex Malaysia II is pretty rare in the market. In 2020, I could still see some black market sellers advertised to sell on the internet. However, I have seen none since the beginning of 2021.

My advice is, if you see one of those, you better grab it quick. The next challenge would be to operate the hacking device. It’s not easy to handle it. It requires sophisticated coding skill to do that.

First of all, you might need to get a skilful coder to break the first layer of security firewall in the device. Such security firewall is to protect the device, which has largely increased the difficulty to use the device.

Once you have by-passed the security firewall, a list of highly complex mathematical calculations will be awaiting you. You need to solve these questions before moving on. The purpose of this is to ensure that you are a qualified person to use the device.

If you are really capable enough to solve all the above challenges, you also need to have knowledge in Python to operate the device. All hacking activities are written in Python language. I believe this would be the least challenging task given the fact that Python is considered quite popular nowadays.

Best Time to Hack MEGA888

Are you kidding me? There is best timing to hack MEGA888? No way!

But it’s true. The best time to hack MEGA888 would be fro 12am to 1am on a daily basis. Why is that so?

Given large number of active players in MEGA888, the headquarter would run a database cleaning on a daily basis from 12am to 1am everyday. They would archive all the game logs into a backup database.

In order to facilitate the above data migration, MEGA888 headquarter would need to temporarily turn off security firewall. This is when MEGA888 is at its weakest state.

Most of the professional MEGA888 hackers would then attempt to attack during this period. Do not underestimate such a short duration. With powerful hacking device, you can make tons of profits that you won’t be able to believe!

Can we still hack MEGA888 outside the golden period? Don’t worry, the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!

Nonetheless, you might need to work harder hacking MEGA888 outside the golden period. You must be tactical enough to deploy your online betting strategy.

Will I Get Caught Hacking MEGA888?

This is totally outside the authority of the local government. Given the fact that online gambling itself is already an illegal activity. They don’t fucking care.

Therefore, whatever you have done during the hacking activity won’t constitute an act of criminal. Stop worrying about that.

Will I Get Caught Hacking MEGA888

However, there is story circulating amongst the local online casino community. People get beaten up by gangsters hacking MEGA888. Those men are sent by MEGA888 headquarter. They can’t really tolerate such fraudulent action that will bring harm to their business.

On the other hand, Malaysia Online Casino Association (MOCA) acts as watchdog over all hacking activities in the country.

If anyone found having carried out any illegal hacking activities to any online casino product, such person will be called by the enforcement team of MOCA. Punishment will be imposed should it be necessary.

Can I Get Rich Hacking MEGA888?

Definitely yes. But not many people can do that.

As I mentioned above, Joseph Phua is by far one and the only MEGA888 Guru in Malaysia. He is one of the few who successfully hacked MEGA888.

Today, Joseph Phua is in the list of top 10 richest men in Malaysian’s underground world.

If you are not that ambitious to become a super rich hacking MEGA888, you can also make a good living through this way. A lot of beginner hackers in Malaysia do rely on hacking MEGA888 for a living.

These beginner hackers constantly upgrade their skills to move on to the next level. Most of them signed up for the hacking tutorial classes organised by Joseph Phua.

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