How Much Do You Know About 3Win8 Slot Games?

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How Much Do You Know About 3Win8 Slot Games?

What are 3Win8 Slot Games?

3Win8 slot games are the newest slot game product in Malaysia since its official launch in the April of 2016. Yes, it is pretty new in the market. Not many know about this product. But most of the players have started to fall in love with it once they has had experience in playing its games. You must be wondering now: What’s so special about 3Win8? To me, 3Win8’s biggest highlight is its integrated gaming platform that has incorporated most of the popular slot games for play. Where do you usually play Monkey Thunderbolt? Either SCR888 or NewTown Casino. How about Wukong? I would say Clubsuncity Casino. The reason why I perceive 3Win8 as the next game-changing slot game product is this special feature. You do not have to switch from one product to another to play all your favourite slot games. Instead, you can now play it all in 3Win8.

Is 3Win8 User-friendly?

We might need to access this question from two perspectives, namely online casino agent and slot game player. From the perspective of online casino agents, 3Win8 is pretty much user-friendly in terms of agent site layout, kiosk structure, as well as reporting system. Just take a quick look at the snapshot of 3Win8’s agent site below:


3Win8 Agent Site


Basically, there is unlimited agent levels for 3Win8 kiosk structure. This is very much different from the traditional casino agent structure. Each agent would have no boundary in recruiting their downlines. The only problem is how far they could go. Unlike agent sites of traditional casino products such as NewTown Casino, LuckyPalace Casino, and Rollex Casino, 3Win8 provides a lot more flexibilities to its agents. Meanwhile, it has a complete set of reporting system for agents to check on their respective win/lose report, player’s transactions, as well as deposit/withdrawal records. Reporting system is considered one of the most important features inside a casino agent site. Without clear and transparent reporting structure, agents wouldn’t have sufficient confidence to promote the product.

On the other hand, 3Win8 can be viewed as a powerful tool to play slot games in Malaysia. As I mentioned above, players are allowed to play most of the popular slot games under one single platform. This helps to save a lot of time and resources. If you are knowledgable about the local online casino industry, for sure you would be able to point out some of the most prevailing products like NewTown Casino, SCR888, SKY3888 and ClubSunCity. Now, you can find nearly all of the highlighted slot games in 3Win8. Some would say 3Win8 copies the success of other products. But who really cares about this? The point is, can 3Win8 benefit casino players? My answer to this question is an absolute YES. The 3Win8 casino company has done pretty well survey and research to come out with this product. It addresses the current problems of most of the online casino products nowadays.

How to Download and Play 3Win8?

It’s very simple to download 3Win8 slot games on either your Android or IOS smartphones. 3Win8 also has desktop version, but it’s only available inside illegal gambling dens, just like SCR888. You may refer to the following links if you wanna install 3Win8 slot games on your smartphones:

3Win8 Android and IOS download links:

Some of the slot game products in the market would require regular updates to improve its game features. In 3Win8, the frequency for such system updates is much lesser compared to others. Meanwhile, 3Win8’s player ID is secured with high-tech security protection to protect everyone’s data as well as privacy. A player doesn’t not have to worry about information being hacked or leaked for other purposes.

How Do I Maximise Win Rate When Playing 3Win8 Slot Games?

As the latest slot game product in Malaysia, 3Win8 offers possibly the highest win rate amongst other slot game products. In fact, you stand higher chances to win money even without doing anything. Anyhow, you can even heighten your chances to win by generating more betting turnover from the games. The easiest way to inflate your betting turnover is actually through the entitlement of free casino bonuses. Most of the online betting sites in Malaysia offer free casino bonuses to retain customers. What you need to do is just do a quick search on the internet and search for those online betting sites that provide the highest free casino bonuses. To save time, you can also make use of some of the online casino information providers such as Ministry of Gambling and CasinoSearch88 to seek for such info. Of course, there are certain conditions attached with the free casino bonuses before a withdrawal request can be raised. Typically, the online betting sites would require players to achieve certain amount of betting rollover before withdrawal. Nevertheless, I believe you can always make some real profits from the games since 3Win8 is offering such a high win rates to all.


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