How Online Casino Wins Your Money Secretly

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How Online Casino Wins Your Money Secretly

All casino players should know that most online casino games are game of chance. The draw result is the result of all probability among all other possibility. In theory, many believe that there should be equality in terms of winning chance between the casino and the players. However, what can be seen repeatedly is that the online casinos Malaysia is making most of the money while the majority of gambler are the losers. Some might wonder how did the casino remain as the winner on the long run and earn money from the players on the consistent basis. The truth is down to 3 key factors and they are: house edge, maximum limit and psychology factor.

The House Edge of Online Casino

There are certain mathematic formula behind each online casino games where it give the casino and edge over their players. These advantage is also known as the ‘House Edge’. The higher the edge for a certain game, the more money the casino will win on that game. For example, ‘Sic Bo’ have a house edge of 2.78%, it also mean that the online casino will win the 2.78% of the money bet on the Sic Bo game on the long run.

The Maximum Bet Limit

In any randomly picked casino, it is very common to have results that run 6 or even 10 times of the consecutive outcomes of black or red, high or low, even or uneven. However, this consecutive run will never reach the amount of 50 in any given online casino. If the consecutive run on the roulette are black for too long and you are betting on red, it will turn into red finally. This mean that if the casino players have sufficient fund at hand to double their bet using a technique call Martingale, they will finally win back all their losses plus one chip. This also explain why casinos will want to have a maximum limit in all the games. This is done to prevent players from using the Martingale technique.

Psychological Factors

Winners would want to keep winning. Therefore, you would rarely see casino players leave their table while they think they are on a winning streak. The losers on the other hand are only interested in winning back all their money in the shortest time possible. That also explain why they are doubling up their bet after each loss until they lost all their money.
With these 3 key factors in place, the casino have a much higher chance of winning the players time and time over again. It is advisable that casino players have a plan and test out their strategy before betting it all on one round.
However, there are also various ways for the online casino players to increase their winning odds. There are some casino games that have a lower house edge. With the help of some techniques, casino players may also find themselves winning in their game of baccarat, roulette and slot games. If you are an avid fans of online casino games.
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