Past Posting: Cheating In Roulette

Past Posting: Cheating In Roulette

Past Posting In Roulette

Whenever you place your bet on a game like roulette, knowing the house has an edge over you can be a really frustrating thing. Due to this frustration, many players eventually find ways to get around this advantage and still find ways to win the game.
When it comes to winning the game. There are a few groups of players that we will come across while playing the game. On one hand, the hopeful player s will always find way to try out new betting system. On the other hand, the resourceful players will try their best to figure out some ways to exploit the roulette wheel. Apart from that, there are also some players who will take this idea a little further and try to find ways to cheat the casino for their money.
In the land casino, the one of the most common form of cheating method would be the past posting method. The past posting method would be as old as the game of roulette. However, with the modern technology being implemented in the casino, casino players may find it difficult to practice this method in the casino. Given the difficulty of pulling off this trick, there are still countless of players trying non-stop in attempting this scam.

Past Posting Method

In simple term, the past posting method is an attempt whereby the players make bets after the result of the spin are made known. Some players might still attempt this method while the ball is still about to fall into the pocket. In this case, the result is still not fully known and the player would have a huge edge. By doing so, the player can actually get paid for winning bets which they did not actually make before the spin.
Before attempting the past posting method, casino players should actually scout their targets first. What they should be looking for is the roulette dealer that seem like he does not pay attention to their table layout when checking the result of a spin. Apart from that, you also would not want any other casino personnel walking near the targeted table. The ideal situation is when you are playing with your friends or with players who do not pay much attention. This is to prevent any players that will call out your cheat when you get caught.
When it comes to betting, casino players would need to be quick and discrete if you are hoping for a smooth bet. One of the most effective past posting bets that will go unnoticed would be adding extra money to a winning bet after you have won it. Dealer who are not paying attention to their table might not even realize that you have added extra chips to the original wager. Apart from that, some casino players would even move the chips by using slight-of-hand to move chips from the losing spot to the nearby winning spot. Some players would even add more chips to the winning bets after having spread plenty of bets on the table to begin with.
However, casino players must take note of some of the obvious mistakes that they should avoid if they are thinking of placing late bets. During past posting stage, casino players should not completely avoid making bets and add your bets after knowing the result. This would look like a clear attempt to cheating. The dealer would eventually notice that you haven’t made a single bet. He or she would be quick to raise suspicion on you when your chips suddenly appear on the winning number. Most importantly, casino players must not try past post on every spin. If you try it on every spin, you will surely get caught eventually.

Issues with Past Posting

In the previous explanation, it may seem that we have made it sound as though past posting has a high chance of success. In actual fact, casino players using this technique would most certainly get caught in today casinos. In some of the cases, casino players would get caught on their first try or not long after.
As mentioned before, one of the most important criteria for past posting to work is the presence of an inattentive staff. However, most of the casinos nowadays are very diligent about making their staff follow strict procedures and routines for this specific reason. All staff member would be paying extra attention constantly. Besides that, casino dealers are even taught on how to control the roulette table in such a way that would prevent past posting and other simple scams.
Past posting might have some degree of success in some casinos. However, almost all casinos nowadays are installed with high tech cameras that are constantly monitoring every movement at the table. This has made cheating in the casino a doubtful prospect.
Even if you notice the casino staff not constantly watching a particular table, you can be sure that they will be occasionally taking a look at it. This would likely mean that you might be spotted doing something suspicious at some point. Whenever you are on a winning streak, you can be sure that the casino staff would review to tapes to check on every past movement. The most definite case is that the casino will not like it when they see chips suddenly appear on the winning numbers.

Past Posting Consequences

Casino players who got caught for past posting would have to face the consequences. One of the thing that you should not expect from them is that they will laugh off your attempt at cheating. In fact, the most likely outcome would be you getting kicked out and banned from the casino after answering a long list of questions about your actions. In most occasion, legal action will also be taken against you. In conclusion, we highly recommend that casino players stay off past posting in any casino. If you choose to try, please weight the risks and rewards before your attempts.


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