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Pick the Best Live Casino Games

What is Live Casino Games?

What is the Live Casino Games? The live game is one of the types of online casino game. With the live game, that’s a real human dealer in the screen. It is the similar concept with the land casino table game play. The live games are including the Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Sic Bo and so on.

Live Table Games

Through the changing of the social, the technology had evolved simultaneously. In early of the era, that’s only has the standard casino place in the Macau and Las Vergas but without the online version casino. The most famous and popular casino games are the table card games. It is always full house with those table games, as the table card games are the most thrill and interesting casino games among all of casino games.
With the table games of land casino, they have separate those table games into the different wagering to each table. It’s allow people to have their minimum budget to play the casino game, so everyone of the casino players are able to enjoy the game.

Online Table Games

When the changing into the internet generation, slowly the social had the online casino appear. It is the similar table games with land casino ones, but it only plays via internet connection device like computer and smart phone. In the online table games, that’s only AI dealer will hander the entire game play, which everything is go through the system.

Live Casino Games

Through the demand of the casino players. The live casino had created after the online casino games. As mention above, the live casino is a casino games with the live dealer hander the game like the land casino. Just the live casino games are play via the internet connection device too. The live casino is a fresh experience casino games so far, you are able to connect with the live dealer with your device to feel the real casino. With the online casino, it has make the convenient to the players some more with the live casino it tastes like the real casino while you playing in the house.
There having the high-definition video broadcast is an integral part of any live casino game. The studio, where a live casino table taking place, is equipped with the several HD cameras. Through the cameras, you able to see every movement of the dealer. Furthermore, you are able to hear the background of the music and noise too.
Besides, in the live casino, it is the only game is able to make the communication with the dealer through your device via mic. In the game, you are always able to see the dealer but the dealer need the requirement from you for them to see you. Same to the other players of the games.
Unlike 918KISS and SCR888 Casino Malaysia, the live casino games are only available in online casino such as the Newtown casino, Lucky Palace casino, LeoCity casino and others.


The live casino is a great experience of the casino games now. You will taste the games like real casino but that’s in your house or somewhere else. Bear in mind, playing with the live casino game, you need a high-speed of the internet, if not you will experience the bad graphic of live screen, it is similar to the video concept. 
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