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Why You Should Play SCR888 Casino?

What is SCR888 Casino?

What is SCR888 Casino? The SCR888 casino is an internet version of the casino games which is able to play through your smart phone. Believe most of the current online casino players will recognize the SCR888 casino. They having more than 10 years’ experience of serving the online casino players in the Asia counties.
Previously, SCR888 casino was provide the live casino games in the site. Through the research, these are not much of the casino players are likely to play with the live casino. In order to play the live casino, you need a high-speed internet modem to play the games clearly. It is running blur slow with the Malaysian network.
With the SCR888 casino, there is about millions active players daily in the Malaysia. The casino players believe the SCR888 casino will offer the better winning odds some more had long term operation of online casino previously.

Casino Game Types of SCR888 Casino

Although there are many types of the casino games, but in the SCR888 Casino, they offer three types of the casino games, Slot Games, Table Games and Arcade Games. The arcade games are a type of the video casino games, it is a game to wager for the winner who will appear in the game, it is the high pay from winning.
With those three types casino games in the SCR888 casino, the slot games are the most attractive casino games in the SCR888 casino. As mention above, they having about million active players daily, more than 70% of the players are playing the slot games of SCR888 casino.
Besides, in the SCR888 casino, they offer two modes of game play, offline mode and online mode. The offline mode is the mode which play solo, all of the games are included with this mode. The online mode is the mode which is able to play multiplayer, with online mode, SCR888 insert the timer into the game play in order to make fair between every player.

Various Choices of Casino Games

The SCR888 casino having about hundred choices of the games in their site. Through various choices, you will never get bored in the SCR888 casino. In the slot games, they having classic slot, normal slot, cartoon slot, culture slot, animal slot and more. You able to slowly finding the game which is suitable for you. And you able to try your luck to play every game which is able to win from the games easily for you.

Greatest Payout Casino Games

Nowadays, most of the casino players gambling with the real money in order to win the money. They will spend a little time to find the better odds casino games. In the SCR888 casino, they are offering the greatest payout so far. All of the casino limiting the similar wagering, but having the different payout rate. In this situation, the SCR888 casino has become the greatest ones among all of the online casino.

Progressive Jackpots of SCR888 Casino

The SCR888 casino site offer more than half slot games with the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot is an extra jackpot for the player to trigger. You are able to win the progressive jackpot randomly after any conclusion of the games. We believe in order to win the progressive jackpot, we must max bet to every line to win the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot prizes will keep increasing until someone triggered.
The progressive jackpot prize pool is generating every players’ 20% of bet into the game play. Imagine the millions active players daily and the progressive jackpot prizes increase rapidly.

Best of the Best Slot in SCR888 Casino

There are three most famous slot games offered by the SCR888 casino site, Great Blue slot, Highway King slot and Bonus Bear slot.
The Great Blue is offering the greatest payout rate slot game, and sometime wild symbol will appear in a group, the wild symbol award x2 multiplier.
The Highway King is giving the 9 lines only but it will easily to win big from the game. The less number of line the more you can win. When the slot has less line, mean you able to bet more coin on each line without exceed your budget.
The SCR888 Bonus Bear slot is giving the greatest bonus game in SCR888 casino. In the bonus game, you need to choose a tree for the bear to climb up to find the honey pot until the beehive found and end game. Each honey pot contains the cash prize, each round of the bonus game able to big win from the game.


SCR888 casino is also my favorite online casino site. It really leads me to big win most of the time. The SCR888 casino is not design with the great software of the homepage, but it designs with the greatest payout gambling site. You will never regret once you play SCR888 casino.
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