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SCR888 Online Casino – The Best Online Casino Software

What is the online casino? An online casino is an online entertainment which is familiar with the land casino games, but the online casino is play via the internet connection devices. The online casino had operated more than ten years around the world. The casino games, live table games, slot games, sportsbook, race betting, lottery and many of them. With the online casino, they can be combined into a site unlike the land casino separate into the selected location.
Nowadays, there are many types of SCR888 online casino application which can be found in Asia, like 918KISS, SCR888 casino, 3Win8 casino, Lucky Palace casino, Newtown casino, SBOBet and so on. Those casino application is not including all the casino games, some include live games, some are slot games, some are sportsbook.

SCR888 Online Casino

Although there are having a lot of the casino application in the world. The SCR888 (918KISS) casino is the most popular online gambling site, as they having more than ten years’ experience of serving online gambling to the online casino players. The SCR888 casino having about million active players daily in the Malaysia. The casino games in the SCR888 (918KISS) has the table games, slot games and the arcade games only, but they have a various choices of the casino games in their gambling site which more than 100 casino games.
The SCR888 (918KISS) casino famous is not about their various choices of the game, they also giving the higher payout rate than others. As they giving most of the highest winning rate of the slot games in their site. SCR888 casino is not really focus on the table games, but in the slot games. More than half of their slot games are known as the progressive slot.

SCR888 Slot Games

The slot games are the most easier casino games, as you just have to place the wager on each line and spin to start the games. With the slot games, they are various types of the slot game like classis slot, normal slot, movie slot, cartoon slot, animal slot, adventure slot and so on. The players have the own interest from the slot, so the SCR888 (918KISS) casino had installed many slots.
In the SCR888 (918KISS) casino, to find the progressive slot, you are not need to enter each games, you can always see an amount running under game’s icon and that is the progressive slot. They are few slot games are highly popularity in the SCR888 casino.

Great Blue Slot Game

The Great Blue is the progressive slot with the 25 lines. The Great Blue is the greatest slot as they will appear the wild symbol in the group to make substitution with the double prizes. Not only that, the bonus game of Great Blue will award up to 33 free games and/ or x15 multiplier.

Bonus Bear Slot Game

The Bonus Bear slot is not a really special slot game but it giving the highest winning cash prize from the bonus game. Trigger the bonus game, selected 1 out of 5 trees for the bear to climb and find the honey pot to win the cash prize until the beehive had found and end the bonus game. Each round of the bonus game, can win more than $100, depending how many honey pots you found.

Highway King Slot Game

It is the only slot game without any bonus games in the SCR888 (918KISS) casino. It is a progressive slot with 9 lines slot. Although it offers 9 lines only, but you are able to place more wager on each line without exceed your budget. For example, your budget is the $0.50 per spin. A 25 lines slot, you can place $0.02 to each line. But in a 9 lines slot, you can place $0.05 to each line to have more winning wager. As the slot game’s Return to Player (RTP) are almost at the same rate.

SCR888 Arcade Game

The arcade game is a type of the video game, mostly are the multiplayer games. In the SCR888 (918KISS) casino, they don’t offer much arcade games. Arcade games is the most interesting casino game in the SCR888 casino, you have to guess the icon will appear in the next round. The payout of the arcade games is more than the slot game. There are two famous arcade games in the SCR888 casino, Battle World and Monkey Thunderbolt.

Battle Word (Wukong)

The Battle World is the most popular game in the SCR888 online casino. It has the four different symbol with different three colour, total 12 symbols to guess. Each game will appear a minimum one symbol, if with the extra feature may appear more than 1 symbol.

Monkey Thunderbolt

It is the game to bet on which monkey will win the racing. They have six monkeys to participate in each games. The higher probability of winner is who has the lightest weight and strong ability to climb the root faster.
The arcade game of the SCR888 (918KISS) casino can been played as the multiplayer mode, means you are able to play with other players via online.

SCR888 Table Game

The table games are similar to the live casino games. They have the Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Sic Bo and many more. With the two playing mode, offline mode and online mode. Offline mode is the mode that you play alone without any disturbing by other. But the online mode is the mode you will play with other casino players, but has a timer for making fair to every casino player.


If you had not tried the SCR888 online casino yet, it is the great opportunity for you to try now. The SCR888 online casino is offering the great bonuses. Always play smart with the games, setting a budget before duel with the game. 
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