How Wild Symbol Help You to Win Big in Slot Game

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How Wild Symbol Help You to Win Big in Slot Game

Slot games nowadays are filled with amazing graphic and theme. If you are one of the avid fans of online slot game, wild symbol will definitely be something that excites you. It is unimaginable that there are any slot games that do not have a wild symbol.

More Wild More Excitements in Slot Game

Wild symbol can be very useful in the game of slot. It can be used as a substitute for other symbol. Normally this substitution will result in making a winning combinations. In every slot game, wild game add more excitement to every spin of slot.

Get Wild Symbol for Larger Payout

In most online slot game, the wild symbol would be the most important to the theme of the slot. Usually, the wild symbol will offers the largest payout in the slot game. Once it is triggered, it will act as a multiplier to the winnings of the players. However, the multiplier would be fixed. It is important for the players to refer the slot game payout table and understand the rule of the slot game before placing their bets. This is because each slot game has a different payout and rules. Some of the slot games also rewards the players with huge winning payouts depending on the number of wild symbol trigger in the winning combination.

Wild Symbol Stacked in a Reel

In some occasion, players may find the wild symbols stacked in a reel in the slot game. This is a special type of wild symbol where the symbols appear stacked in in two or three. This will result in tremendous increase in the payout especially if it appear in the first reel.

Expanding Wild

The expanding wild is another form of special wild symbol. In expanding wild, the wild symbol will expand to occupy the entire reel. However, the expanding wild will still have the same effect on the payout calculation but the visual effect that will appear on the slot is completely different. Once the expanding wild is triggered, there will be animation effect on a small symbol which grows to occupy the entire reel.

Exploding Wild

The next wild that can be seen is the exploding wilds. In exploding wild, when the reels come to a rest, an event take place and some symbol will then randomly changed to wild symbol. The payout are then calculated accordingly.
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