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A Journey to Win Progressive Jackpot | SCR888 Online Casino | SCR888 Random Jackpot

Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpot could be known as Random jackpot or extra jackpot, which is fixed into certain slot games. The progressive jackpot’s prize pool will keep increasing until someone trigger the feature, and generate the prize pool again. The progressive jackpot’s prize pool is gathered from the player’s wagering into the games, they took a small percentage of the wager to gather until big prize then release for the player to trigger. Each of the progressive jackpot’s prize available for a player to win.

Different in Progressive and Normal Jackpot

The progressive jackpot is totally different from the normal jackpot. The normal jackpot relies on symbols combination to trigger the jackpot prize, but the progressive jackpot will be triggered after a conclusion of any game and not any symbols combination.
Besides, the normal jackpot’s prize is fixed in the paytable and the odd is calculating with the player’s bet. But in the progressive jackpot, the prizes are unstable as it will keep increasing as mentioned above. And the prize of the progressive jackpot prize is not multiple but it is the cash prize which is better than the normal jackpot.
To win the normal jackpot, you merely have 0.0001% chances to win the slot jackpot prize. But the progressive jackpot is using some technic to trigger the prize, it is relying on the luck and the strategy to win the jackpot prize.

How to Win a Progressive Jackpot

Everyone want to win a progressive jackpot as well, but the online casino will not design that easy to trigger the progressive jackpot prize. It must be having the affords to get the bigger return. To trigger the progressive jackpot is like the investment. Every investment has the risk. In the investment, how much you invested and how much you will award. The largest investment, the largest award. Similar to the slot game, the progressive jackpot is the largest award of the return of investment.
In order to trigger the progressive jackpot, you have to place the maximum bet into each line for the slots. For example, the slot limit a maximum bet into a line is $5, and the slot has a total of 20 lines. To trigger the progressive jackpot, you have to place $100 into each spin. It is the only way to increasing the chances of triggering the progressive jackpot prize. Besides this strategy, that’s no other strategies to trigger the progressive jackpot. Other than that, you just have to bet you are the one who able to trigger the progressive jackpot as they are many people doing the same method with you. That’s why you need the luck as well.

Types of Progressive Jackpot Slots

There are three different types of the progressive jackpot, stand-alone progressive, local progressive, and wide network progressive. They are providing the same service to the players but the different functioning of the system.

Stand-Alone Progressive

It is the progressive which the feature for each slot machine. The wager will feed to that playing slot game. Usually, the land casinos are using the linked machines to feel the progressive jackpot prize pool. The stand-alone progressive has slowly disappeared in the world, as not much of the player prefer with this type of progressive jackpot, they award fewer prizes.

Local Progressive

This is the progressive jackpot which is feeding the prize pool within a casino. This is the casino linked all of the same slot game together and feed the progressive jackpot. So, it may gather the prize faster. Usually, the progressive prize for this type will no more than $100,000, as they feeding within their casino only.

Wide Network Progressive

The wide network is offering the largest prize of the progressive jackpot, it is $10 million or more. It is the progressive which connected to few land casino within an area, so they able to gather the prize pool faster than others did.

918KISS Online Casino

918KISS Casino is the most popular Online Casino in Malaysia. While gambling with the 918KISS Casino, you would meet an experience that you never find before with the other Online Casinos. However, most of the 918KISS Slot Games are including the progressive jackpot as well. That’s about 130 choices of the games and that’s 50% of them are included. Since the Casino launches, there are many casino players had triggered the progressive jackpot award from the Slot Games. And you could be the next one to trigger the 918KISS progressive jackpot.

SCR888 Online Casino

SCR888 casino is the online casino which is providing the most number of the progressive slot in the gambling site. SCR888 casino having more than 100 choices of the casino games and about 70% of the game lists are the slot game. Within this 70%, they are more than half are having the progressive jackpot. SCR888 casino also having about million active players daily playing their game. That’s why many players like to play the SCR888 Online Casino, those players able to feed the progressive jackpot rapidly.
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